10 MORE Things Pros Do in PUBG Mobile! (Pro Tips and Tricks)

“PUBG Mobile PRO Tips and Tricks – PUBG Mobile PRO Settings! 10 Things Pros Do in PUBG Mobile – PUBG Mobile Tips Tricks (PUBG Mobile Tips to Win) PUBG Mobile Pro Player Gameplay iOS/Android (Pro Controls/Best Sensitivity Settings, Pro Tips 2019, Noob vs Pro)”


10 Things a PRO Does in PUBG Mobile! (Pt. 1)

Hi guys, welcome back to the channel! Today I’m back with some more PUBG Mobile gameplay…


  1. Take every fire fight. The military records data of who is a coward and who isn't. You cant leave stray enemies in your proximity.

  2. 2nd tip
    he said:customise your controls especially on a small device
    me:bruh i use litterally an ipad!

  3. you need to talk less, it's annoying to repeat the same idea in three defrent ways.

  4. What's your most kills in Classic mode? Mine is 26?is that high or low bare in mind I've been playing this game for 2 years +- and on the Chinese version I was a lvl 50 when I got that.

  5. bruh when i knock someone i shoot them to get them low so they're teammate don't take their sweet time

  6. I mean I disagree with the statement "generally who peeks first loses the fight." I don't agree with this because often times when I peek and prefire i usually get a couple headshots and the enemy goes down no problem. The main reason you wouldn't win if you peeked a corner or around an object first would be because you have bad aim or your gun has too high recoil

  7. Another way to get Free UC & BP is 𝐦𝐨𝐝𝐚𝐩𝐩.𝐬𝐢𝐭𝐞 😍😍 worked for me and my brother

  8. Hello i need help please, I'm playing on a samsung galaxy j4 and I need help to reduce my recoil as much as possible please,

  9. well like hey if you knock them down if you leave them alone they will come for their teammates, but i camp sometimes and im very inpatient

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