10 Things Fortnite Did To Keep Players From Playing Apex Legends

Everything Epic Games Is Doing To Keep Us Playing Fortnite

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Fortnite is still the most popular video game in the world. In fact, it has become more than just a video game. It’s a social platform where people could just chill and winning isn’t even the main goal. That being said, their battle royale throne is being threatened by Apex Legends, which has forced Epic Games to resort to some desperate measures to make sure their…


  1. I need more people to play apex with

    Add me
    Some dumbass took my name so xD

  2. fortnite is dying and kids play fortnite bc they are obsessed of to the game…

  3. Fortnite copies everything
    They copied PUBG and Apex legends
    They are only scared because their game is trash

  4. Fortnite is scared about that Apex is better bc it is fortnite just wants money from 10 years old kids id say play Apex and Apex has cool abilities and legends

  5. I swear on my computer I was looking to upgrade to a better one like a gaming pc and then when I went on YouTube I saw a lot of gaming pc ads.
    Edit: anyone down to play apex if you play on ps4 if sooooo my psn is saiyantim

  6. Epic games is just that one girl in your grade 1 class who copies your ideas then gets the credit.

  7. If fortnite didn't change from season 1-4 i will never play apex now apex is my favourite battle royale game 🙂

  8. Fortnite is so trash it is just a copy cat and is made for little pubescent children you are little squeakers they copied apex just cos it's better and it really annoys me

  9. Why is every single clip of fortnite and none of apex when it's about both oh and settle it this way they are both really good and popular games and every one has opinion my opinion is apex is better ok so we don't need these silly what is better videos it's a waste of our time !!

  10. Fortnite stole the idea from Minecraft hunger games (now renamed survival games) and some other battle royale minecraft gamemodes and to all the psychotic fanboys about to spam me I DONT CARE.

  11. Its in no way a peaceful place to chill in fortnite HAVE YOU EVEN PLAYED? MUCH LESS WATCHED A VIDEO?

  12. apex did the circular knockdown shield like captains because they had an association with fortnite, but notice that it only activates when they are knockdown, showing that bornite is dead.

  13. The background gameplay is a gamemode that is a copy of capital supremacy from star wars battlefront 2. Which is also an EA game

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