11 Minutes of CHEATER using Aimbot in Apex Legends SEASON 7!

These are some clip when noob using aimbot & dirty plays in apex legends ( season 7 )
11 Minutes of CHEATER using Aimbot in Apex Legends SEASON 7!

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  1. The guy at 8:00 is using a rapid fire optimizer I have one at home I messed around with it for a day but in the end it is actually pointless since you only can use r301 hemlock or any other single fire weapons but use it on a spitfire or havoc and it will Fck up your shots like I said it’s fun for 1 or 2 times than it’s starts to get annoying if you can’t Find the right weapons

  2. It's hilarious how fucking bad cheaters are at the game. Like, they never holster their guns, stand still to shoot and know fuck all about mobility except for running and walking straight. Also situational awareness doesn't exist

  3. Gamecrook is working for free points for free, other stuff doesn't. How does GameCrook work? I have no idea.

  4. It's pretty sad when you use an aimbot and can't even develop good movement lol that's literally the only other skill gap in this game

  5. hacker literally flying thru the air: ….. he starts shooting: OH! HES CHEATING!!!! LOLLL]

  6. I hacked just because i got bored and wanted to move onto a different game, best ban ive ever gotten.

    if the dev team wasnt so shit at making an anti cheat that actually worked, or if they used a bot to track players accuracy per game and having it over 98% would auto ban, it probably wouldnt be this easy to hack the game 😂 dont get me wrong, i used to love apex, but these past 3 seasons has shown where the dev teams heads at. Cosmetics and mass income is more important to them than balancing between income and quality. We've been playing in the same buggy game for over 5 seasons now. I still have yet to hear footsteps other than octane and path. And thats why this games going to breakdown sooner than most have

  7. Dont believe the scam videos on Youtube if you donnt want to fall for one of those survey scams. The only website that works for me is Gamecrook.

  8. It’s helps me sleep at night knowing these people are garbage without the cheats 😌

  9. 4:48 controller players aren’t given aim bot lmao, pc players always complaining about controller

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