14 NEW Advanced Tips and Tricks You Need To Know! – Apex Legends Season Three

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These are the BEST NEW tips and tricks in Apex Legends Season 3! In this video we have everything from amazing new super jumps to secret high tier loot areas! Enjoy these insane new Apex Legends tips & tricks!

Dizzy’s rappel trick – 0:48
100% success rate Crypto ult counter – 1:25
The Crypto fake door trick – 2:06
The wall hack Crypto trick – 2:35
Hidden passive Crypto ability -…


  1. This doesn't feel like a "tips" video, more like a door-to-door salesman trying to pitch you something

  2. Can't access most of the characters that u talking without depending money.. Yeah of course ur video is sponsored

  3. How to deal with people picking your Legend main
    Step 1: ask for jump master
    Step 2: fly into the beam thing in the middle of the map.
    Step 3:

  4. why do you get people that cant aim then when i go into a match there are like pros?

  5. #13 you can do parkour to get up to the top 4 floating things I do it all the time it takes some practice but yeah

    Promise still works

  6. Also something that i just found today which is hilarious: the disco ball in Mirages boat is actually a loot drone pod. I blew it up and got a digital threat from it!

  7. This vid should just be called tips and tricks if you use crypto lol

  8. I need Apex coins can you please give me a lot of Apex coins because I have $0.05 on my PlayStation network account and i want to get all the legends. My account is Nang_gang201

  9. I have like the first xbox one released the 500 GB one and it's not anything as smooth as this gameplay holy crap!

  10. or just play freaking titanfall 2 bc everything is almost the same even the guns and developers

  11. the 13th one isnt true beacuse you can actually climb/parkour to this place (which is hard but is possible) by using the metal high thing next to one of those train bodys (u called them floating houses or sth)

  12. the rappel trick is not that easy on console unless i wanna destroy the controllers joystick by hitting it side to side

  13. Title of video should be "Bot Tips from the King of Bots" you dont even know the names of places…the two cylinders is the "Refinery" and the sniper loot place isn't very hard "Sniper Mountain" plus you say the only way to get there is by landing there or a long zip….wrong there 5 ways really…
    1. Landing there of course
    2. Zip at back which ain't that long
    3. On Capital city side by Balloon theres two short zips
    4. Capital city Balloon of course
    5. Pathfinder Zip
    Dont say it's an advance guide you bot change the name

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