17 Highly Effective Tips To Dramatically Improve In Apex Legends. The New Firing Range, and the ability to practice these Important, Hidden, Fundamental and Obscure Mechanics are going to allow you to become a better player overnight. However, it takes work. Here is a video I wish someone made for ME when I started playing Apex Legends and FPS games! Like to support my channel,and subscribe to get us closer to 300K! | Twitter: | Follow…


  1. Every bad teammate I have ever run into just happens to be a wraith player. I don't know if it's just a coincidence. They never revive you.

  2. I like your content and recommend it. If i could suggest one thing. Mybe include the console buttons when describing actions. Keep up the great content!

  3. The spitfire became my favourite weapon recently along with the prowler with select fire.

  4. My problems are being bad at aim and I don't move, so kinda just bad in general

  5. Not sure how viable practicing flick shots is on a controller. I play on the PS4 and my aim isn't bad (the only problem I have is leading my shots for long distance encounters), but you don't have as much control over your aim with a controller as you do with a mouse so I doubt it's even possible to pull that off with a controller.

    I also think it should be mentioned that you shouldn't spend all day in the range. Irl opponents will actually fight back, so it's always good to put down what you've been training on in practice.

    Great guide overall my man 🙂

  6. First time viewer, and boy am l impressed! Especially loved the titles for each section <3 I'll try out your tips! Thanks : 3

  7. 3x is perfect for me 2x is too little on my 15" screen and 4x is too zoomed in, + the open style of 3x. (i also use point 1x and the fixed 2x when i can not use 3x or i do not have one).

  8. I am sure this helped some people but i find all of these tips very basic and intuitiv. For everyone who finds this helpful please keep on learning there is so much you dont know yet. GAME ON!

  9. Dunno if it got mentioned yet but the stocks do BOTH.

    They reduce weapon sway while aiming down sights. This is noticeable with high magnification scopes, but usually is still that minimal and in a firefight you're constantly adjusting anyways that it really does not matter all that much.

  10. For the new people

    His ultimate is he can move faster then most legends but it’s really loud. Also (not his ultimate) Every 30 seconds he can scan an area to see traps, and other teams. It also tells you how many there are!

    Her ultimate may take a long time but she can place down a lifeline package! She also can place a health drone down that heals whoever is around it even oposite teams so be careful!

    She can put this thing down that heals shield, helps with booms and stuff! (Still learning about it) waston has a trap where she can block doors with lasers but others can shoot it to disable it!

    Costdic (idk how to spell it)
    He can place traps where gas comes out if other teams are near it! It will do damage! He also can throw gas bombs that takes a while to get ready!

    That’s only a few legends!
    Hopes this helps a little bit new players

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