Was doing some solo queuing and ran into a hacker getting nothing but headshots. We ended up fighting him but he lost because his aimbot was stuck on me and didn’t switch to my partner in time. It went Duo at the end because the 3rd D/C’d despite the patchContinue Reading

Where to find the Enus Super Diamond – Epsilon Car. Subscribe: Here’s the location of the Pegassi Vacca in GTA V. This is the first car you’ll be asked to collect and return to the Epsilon garage. For the most comprehensive coverage of GTA 5 on ANY YouTube channel subscribeContinue Reading

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…. Wanted to shake things up a bit, been waiting to make a Star Wars focused Apex video for a while now. Music: Star Wars: Imperial March (Anakin’s Suffering) | EPIC CINEMATIC EMOTIONAL Star Wars – Cantina Band (DJ AG Remix)Continue Reading