25 Kill Solo Squads – Fortnite mobile (Gameplay) (Choke)

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  1. A random person who likes this will become richer then Bill Gates guaranteed

  2. Damn you’re good for mobile even though you’re lucky you’re on 120fps so you got the advantage and that’s without a controller damn

  3. I wish that ur mom FaceTimed u once u got into the 1v1 to win 😂

  4. omg ur so good,wanna play with me? I also have that layout but I’m still practicing,I’m a lil good at building but sometimes I panic so I can’t build. 😅
    my Fortnite name is
    Jinseo13 just follow me if you want to play. ^^

  5. Can you do another video with the iris skin?
    👇these are people who also want this

  6. Noooooo!! y te mató el tarado que iba disparando la shotgun xd

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