300M MK14 FULL AUTO SPRAY (NO RECOIL HACKS??) | 22 Kills | PUBG Mobile TPP Gameplay

A 300m full auto spray with the MK14 in PUBG Mobile! Intense PUBGM TPP gameplay you don’t wanna miss out on!!


Sniper Montage:…


  1. light grip is more terrible when u play pubg in phone, ipad is not fair play with iphone

  2. He needs to talk more in his vids or they get kinda boring… Other than that love this guy's skillz!

  3. Bro how do u play with these controls, I tried these but bro i couldn't even move my bullets

  4. Why do you like this guy so much he is such a noob let him come with me TDM room he will be on ZERO I'm Conqueror 5 season

  5. Take the gun skin off the Winchester. There is a glitch right now where it makes the scope so small. Instead of a 2.7X its actually less than a 2X with the skins on it. Take the skins off of it and the scope will be better. It’s like when there was a bug with a scar skin that showed the iron sights sticking up in the scopes. Temporary fix was to take the skin off until tencent fixes it.

  6. Hey Feitz you should remove your Skin from the Win94 that way you can have the full size scope it has a glitche

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