33 Apex Legends Season 4 Pro Tips

33 Apex Legends Season 4 Tips and Tricks by the Gaming Merchant. Guide for Revenant, sentinel, new map changes, and new weapon balance meta. Sponsored by EA. Download Apex Legends Season 4 here. #SponsoredByEA

In this video I explain secrets for using Revenant, how to be powerful the Sentinel, how to get the best loot, and how to play more effectively in Apex Legends Season 4.

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  1. Did you learn something from this video? 🙂 If not, leave a comment with your number one best tip for new players that see this video 😁

  2. <3 I've noticed since before this season the prowler is better than the r99 but personally I feel they stand equal as long as the secondary is a pk

  3. With hammerpoint with a knocked player you should shoot at the floor right under their knockdown sheild so that the bullets would bounce and hit the player under the knockdown sheild

  4. most of these tips are for revenant, take a shot everytime you hear revenanant in this video.

  5. You can hold down the tactical button and hold down the grenate button, so you can for example throw the tactical and an ark star at a wraith and she can't escape

  6. Hit somebody for 59 total with a charged sentinel yesterday so the damage modifiers are not working correctly yet, so its better to not waste the battery

  7. At 2:00 when you sit inside the silence grenade and heal – does that block incoming damage, or is it merely camouflage?

  8. Who here is an apex legend og from pre season 1 and knew that the Hemlock and peacekeeper was a strong combo or that's just me

  9. Yo let me know what cheats your using. Their is no way you track that good legit.

  10. I used the p2020 instead Mozambique and I say it’s better, I mean it has more ammo in the clip, fires faster, and you can hold more light ammo instead of shotgun ammo

  11. Tip: The Devotion is far more easy to control when crouched. Tested in firing range, don't know if it has always been like that but the difference between standing and crouched is significant.

  12. If anyone is wondering why their purple and gold shields melt like butter, you empty a whole clip into an opponent and it does absolutely nothing,you get knocked in 1v1 when you clearly have the upper hand, get knocked from only 3 shots from a Flatline, get knocked with one shot from a Peacekeeper even though you have a Gold or Purple shield or take damage when you clearly have taken cover, it's not that you are playing bad and the other person is good it's that Apex has the most atrocious servers, the other player has a higher ping rate, and the net coding is horrible. I advise everyone to STOP spending money on this game until these problems are fixed. Stop watching these videos supporting Apex that dont address these issues. Thousands of players are experiencing these issues that spend their money on the game and they are being ignored! And for the smart asses out there who will say "get good" I have 4k kills with Mirage and 4k kills with Bloodhound and hundreds of wins with both the problem is the garbage servers, and I wont even begin to talk about SBMM LOL

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