5 Most Underrated Weapons In Apex Legends!

No Wingman? No Problem! These are the 5 Weapons in Apex Legends that are AMAZING – but not everyone knows it! Check out this list, and get ahead of the trend. Get ready to dominate some people who think the Peackeeper is the only way to win a fight! Here are the Weapons I honestly feel are better than most people realize! If you found this valuable, leave a like to support the video! Subscribe & Hit the bell to get my uploads! | Twitter:…


  1. The hemlock is NOICE love it, probably my favorite gun once I figured out how to use it

  2. I've gotten so many beginning kills with the Mozambique so I'm a little partial to it. Probably also because everyone hates on it. But needless to say Hemlock is my fav versatile weapon

  3. All these weapons i prefer over other weapons like the r301 and peacekeeper. I use the hemlok like a dmr. I use a 3x or a 2x-4x on it and i do really good with it

  4. It actually irritates me that people think the prowler is better with select fire. It shoots faster in burst mode which allows you to kill faster. Keep it in burst mode.

  5. Raynday: uses prowler and alternator.
    Also Raynday: uses them long range.

    The fact that SMGs do more damage up close: Am I a joke to you?

  6. Two of my favorite guns are on this list. Although I do agree you either find the Prowler or the select fire but normally not together..

    The Mozambique would be better if there was more bullets instead of just three.

  7. Actually. The Mozambique is okay with Pathfinder, just because you can zip around people and pop em in the face.

  8. I mean… In this game, every gun can be useful. The guns don't have a ranking system, like they do in… some other Battle Royale… You win because you're better, or you lost because they're better. You could win a fight with a damned P2020, even though it's just a pistol. Every gun in this game is good, and that's why I love the game. I win, and I loose, because of skill

    … What's that? Mozambique? Um… Let me just… Ignore you

  9. Destiny:
    Thunderlord: exists

    Apex/titanfall 2: hippity hoppity this is now my property

  10. The devotion is SO sick, even without new hop-up

    if i find one i always equip, you can miss so many shots, still shred purple armor and HP in one magazine. same goes for havoc but it is harder to control. If i have LMG challenge i would pick it over a spitfire IMMEDIATELY its even good at range

  11. Devotion is so much better than the spitfire. But it doesnt shine as the spitfire becomes of the ammo. The game knew about this and if the devotion was like a light ammo weapon or a heavy ammo weapon that thing would be too powerful it has to be a legendary weapon for certain circumstances.

  12. I don't see the G7 Scout used a ton, which is a shame since light ammo is as common as dirt and it has really solid damage. Paired with, like, the alternator for consistent damage, and it's really good. If I see it early game at other people are around, I yoink that sucker and down them with two or three shots cause they got no armor. All in all my favorite sniper. Better that the longbow imo.

  13. I use the prowler with the fire selector and the digital threat then I m ready to do some kills

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