50 Tips for Apex Legends

One of the most commented things is “How do I Get Good at Apex?” Well, I have 50 tips to help you with that! Hopefully you learn something…




  1. I only leave a match early for these reasons
    1) Clearly decided match: A fellow teammate and I are knocked 200m outside the circle and the other teammate is 700m away looting an already thoroughly looted marked location.
    2) Teammates are looting while I'm 6v1 in the fucking open. Please, for the love of god, if your teammate is fighting, drop whatever the fuck you are doing short of healing and lend a hand? Kings Canyon is especially awful for this.

  2. Tip #51- tip number 29 is false the item hasn't been taken by a person it just goes away after a certain amount of time but it is still a possibility

  3. Tip 51: Pick three or two legends to play so that if someone takes your main you have another 2.

  4. The question is not how to get good at Apex Legends.
    The question is how to get good at 20 fps in Apex Legends

  5. ..Dianond IV is the same as gold/plat, until you hit diamond 3 you're gonna be matching with trash

  6. Tip 51: Don’t Heal When Your Getting Shot At, You will most likely die and this is the least efficient way of winning

  7. Giving how many people online play Revenant I think the way I play him is the Apex Legend of cheese. If there is only one door on a building and there are people in there you have two options. 1 is if you have a Caustic make sure he gasses them while you block them with your Death Totem. 2 is if you think that you can do it and kill the people in the room.. Silence them, put the Death Totem on the roof or underneath the building then do as much damage as you can until your Totem is destroyed or when you exit Deaths Protection.

  8. As I've never been able to play since I have a switch I learned 50 new things today but it might come to switch after mobile

  9. Tip 51:
    If you don't have a microphone, hold the map button and you can talk but it's kinda weird.

  10. Good stuff. Thank you from this 46 year old dad trying to hang in Apex with his 10 year old son. o_0

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