$50,000 Tournament Code Red – I Eliminated DrDisrespect (Apex Legends)

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  1. I don't know if this is some kind of public or private lobby, but if it's a public one, with all those pro names in there, I feel really bad for whatever random person hopped on wanting to just play a few after work or something haha xD

  2. Wtf is wrong with Staycaution? Do you gotta quadruple up everything you say? 🤣 Im coming im coming im coming! Coming back coming back coming back, hard right hard right hard right.. Im gay im gay IM GAY! You all do it, but Stay mastered it.

  3. I like the vids but I half way think you be cracking jokes on a lot of black videos in a snarky kinda way 🤷🏾‍♂️

  4. Shroud is like a platinum level apex player what a joke. Let him go play minesweeper or something

  5. Y’all could never be from 63rd and you shouldn’t reference shit people here die over in such a casual manner.

  6. how hard do you try? When i watch your vids you are so close to the camera. Im always like back up dude….

  7. 5 months later, it's weird seeing (?) The pk on the floor, as well as anvil receiver and the 15 sec cooldown on path's grappler

  8. Kobi i fuck with you but if i catch you saying "im not from 63rd" again we gonna have some problems when you say that your dissing fbg duck (who has recently died) just came back to say that

  9. I literally only subbed because you don’t fuck with 63rd 😂😂 enjoying the content aswell

  10. How do you join the tournaments? Do you have to be like a crazy good player or can one join?

  11. Solid gameplay – the amount of times you said cracked or fried when they still had shield was comical lmao

  12. i played apex on xbox the first time ….. 17 kills …. second round 12 kills … and all next rounds over 8 … is there any controller aimassist ?

  13. Girth should smoke more when he plays Bangalore, especially when you guys were retreating from that first squad in the second game

  14. Meanwhile me watching this in July 2020, havoc is literally unusable due to the recoil lmao

  15. Important and EASY lesson to be learned that even pros don't always use: IF armor seen, look at teammates armor status on bottom left screen and IF teammate does NOT have armor, THEN ping the armor!

    Also, minor tip; if dropping stacks of ammo, ping at least one of them(unless audio silence is important can be the main exception to this rule).

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