PUBG Cheaters Caught on Camera Who Got PUBLICLY HUMILIATED!

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PUBG CHEATERS EXPOSED AND SHAMED. While we love PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, it’s a shame that some people don’t want to play fair. However, that does mean it’s very satisfying to see them get caught.

This is TheGamer’s list of 6 PUBG Cheaters The GOT WHAT THEY DESERVE.

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  1. I got a random 24 hours ban and I don’t cheat but players that cheat and get reported don’t get banned 🤔

  2. I have notified.pubg makes fevelopers and promotera that me.myslef and my friends and commu ity players will not pay the £9.99 needed to buy BP and UC and ROYAL PASS. we will never buy any currency any thing with real money until pubg makers eliminate all cheaters and spammets. Whats the point

  3. i had a weak device so pubg was so laggy for me but i wanted to play so i just played anyway and got so far for almost a year but pubg banned me for 10 years…!
    i think that was because of it took like 30 sec to load my map and walls and in this 30 sec everything was black.
    ok its fine they recognized wrong as a hack but 10 YEARS…what?

  4. Hackers: exists

    Admin : ima kill that bad dude with my ban hammer

    Players : heavily sweating i hope he don't ban me

  5. Let's be honest everyone probably likes the thrill of beating opponents easily and feeling on top, but with cheaters and hackers, it goes deeper than this, they have very low self esteem so the feeling of winning by any means (even the scummy lows of unfair cheating tactics) makes them feel good about themselves because in real life they are usually depressed and feel worthless, that's why for normal people with stable personalities, we can't understand why people would want to cheat, we see it as unfair and pointless, but for the cheater it makes them feel good about their shallow existence and it tries to balance their unstable personalities, its clearly psychological the need to feel empowered even by cheating

  6. You know what could be cool? A program, software, application or anything that Could auto-detect the Cheaters (wallhacker, radar hack, aimboting, aimlocking, etc.) That would be a real cool program…

  7. There are still stupid cheating hacktards infesting third person perspective in PubG. They can't get rid of them. Such a greedy company. They didn't make an anti-cheat on purpose. As fast as they are banning the spiteful-dillusional-troll-hacktards, the hacktards promptly buy another copy of the game and start cheating some more. I hope those personally responsible for not making PubG cheat-free get what they deserve. Great game, just unplayable in TPP….still

  8. battleEye does nothing. It just stops the hackers. It doesn't stop players from making new accounts.
    I'm 100% sure what you're going to say. That's a waste of 30 dollars. That's only true if you buy it outside of PC Gaming Cafes.

    Many of these cheaters dont play the game from home, instead they go to PC Gaming Cafes, spend 50 cents per hour. Then hack. If the computer itself gets banned, you switch to another computer and continue to use your minutes.

    Your questions/comments:
    That's dumb, because PC Gaming Cafes will lose money.

    My response: Nope, because steam offers "business license." They are packaged deal for Gaming Businesses. For a fixed rate, PC Gaming Cafes can deliver over 5000 games from steam. You don't need to pay 30 dollars for another game, instead you pay a monthly expense. Bam! Defeats your opinion thinking that it's a waste of 30 dollars, when in actuality, people spend little as 50 cents to a dollar.

    PC Gaming cafes still make profit, sure it's less profit, but nevertheless, they still make profit from cheaters. You can even use VPN in China to bypass cheats. or even use VPNs specifically designed to avoid which PC Gaming cafes get caught with cheats.

    Banning cheaters don't do anything. You have to eliminate the programmers, or use Blizzard's HWID Ban. That's more costly than getting the game again.

    Many gamers in China don't own their own PCs. Because PC parts in China is really expensive.

    Bluehole knows this, but they still profit alot from these PC gaming Cafes, thru Steam's commission.

  9. Being shot through a tree or a wall seems to happen more times then I would like to admit.

  10. What's better noob player or cheater?
    I think you know the answer.

  11. I have been a gamer for a long time, and I think Cheating is a part of it, (Let me finish.)
    That doesn't mean cheats should always be used, but if you play a game like pokemon Platinum and beat it 5x plus, then treat yourself to an action reply just to play around and get what you want.
    On an online game like this, while fun to watch admittedly, Cheats shouldn't be used, it is a game meant for competition and skill.

    GTA is a game often heavily modded but it is less competitive and more… made for cheats. (Everyone who played the classic GTA games on ps2 knows what I mean.)

    And offline cheats are good and all, but in the online version it is admittedly an unfair advantage, but I feel like jail time or lawsuits are far too over the top, Games were originally meant to be fun, and Cheats can enhance that and always have, for pubg I have never played it before and I can understand how Aim bot or God mode sucks for such a large competitive game so cheating on it shouldn't be a thing unless maybe there is a private game mode for friends who all want to just see who can outcheat who

  12. we do get cheaters.. they're purbred cowards raised by parents that have no honor their entire lineage is tainted.. human beings that should not breed children.

  13. Recently I played till last and I had everything I needed, I and my fo were the only two left. I caught him first and started firing at him, did it for long long time. With my wonder nothing happened to him then he backfired and boom I got killed. A new way of cheating? Kind of super armor.

  14. Be weary of backlit keyboards, lol.. battleeye and other anti-cheat software often recognises the software to Color change the keys as a hack program.. gets old and annoying.

  15. there is one type of cheater you did not talk about, Stream Snipers. Those who use streaming services (gaming) to target streamers in game. Much easier to do than hacking and unless you know their twitch name (Some are actually stupid enough, to use their twitch names for their game), is untraceable. The reason i hate them (and i'm not a streamer), is that it breaks every TOS no matter the game. if you read any TOS you'd see something worded like "do not use third party software" or "use of third party software can get you banned" Twitch, Youtube gaming and any other game streaming service IS a third party app or software. So yes they are cheating, as much as exploiters or hackers are. Now if the streamer is asking for the sniping, yes fine, but doing it without permission should be treated as a exploit or hack in the eyes of the TOS

  16. I had a allie who cheated with a awm he actually parachuted down with it somehow then immediately despite landing in a isolated area alone he fired 12 shots in rapid fire head shoting 12 people one of who I could actually see die cause even tho he was far away he still was parachuting down he then proceeded to run at super speed to a largely populated area and kill every one when I caught up with him I just threw a few grenades at him and watched him balled out

  17. Cheating against other people isn't cool. I'd probly do it if it only brought me up to midlevel on these games but I don't think cheating in a not competitive game is a big deal. In those games it's all about the user experience that they paid for.

  18. Maybe that isteelgaming was simply showing a bug within the game in a more creative way then just to write a ticket.

  19. why for every countdown u have to narrate cheating is bad. we know its bad. u even gave a speech in the start of video. hearing it again and again makes the video boring.

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