7 HUGE ISSUES If You're an Apex Legends Noob

7 HUGE ISSUES with Apex Legends
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  1. If you are far out side the ring just get some loot you need then punch a loot crate for the rest of the time you have left I promise it will get you to where you need to be "fast"

  2. What I don’t understand is how come you can LITERALLY Respawn whenever you want. I feel like they should make the respawns to a limit of 3-5
    Do you agree?

  3. The fact that whenever you shoot at someone, they don't build flipping Alcatraz around themselves, and then you proceed to waste time and ammo trying to get them out so you can kill them, because if you leave them alone, they'll just pop out of their fort and shoot you.

  4. I hate apex legends because it stole from fortnite and fortnite stole from PUBG and PUBG stole from High Z

  5. I like pathfinder it’s like spider man robot and I like the hologram hero I can mak prank for enemy or see if it’s safe or no and I like bloodhoude with this yo can see if ther enemy or no and yo can see wher enemy died yea ye ay ea apex legends soo sooo sooooo… butter I like this game but a lot updates will com and add new modes and heros and guns and alll alll alll things will come to apex legends yes this is the epic game

  6. I think the havoc it to op. I died at like sniper distance to that thing

  7. Ah nice. So question?
    Is there gonna be more Star Wars Battlefront 2 funny moments and kills of the week? I just realized after 3 months from the new year

  8. @Bombastic
    Stop doing this shit and get back to Battlefront 2 funny moments, that's why I'm subscribed to you!

  9. Apex is only for one type of player the fitting type and fortnite has all different types of players and that is fortnite is not dead

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