Actual Guide On How To Get A FREE Legend Skin And 5 Apex Packs (Free LEGENDARY Twitch Prime Outfit)

This is a step-by-step guide for how to claim your free Pathfinder legendary skin and 5 free apex packs in Apex Legends.

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  1. Ugh, that hurt. Calling pathfinder’s skins and poses hurt man 😩

  2. This to much all for a skin I have prime and I was hoping it was like click here linked free skin every month but that's a process and the crypto skin is only a rare lol

  3. it says ends april 20th and it is the 19th today and i cant find a single thing…. also i copied the link in the video to get to that page and it doesnt show up at all. i also tried the one it shows on apex legends which is and that doesnt work either do they must have stopped it a day early

  4. I like the steam Punk skin

    I like every skin for pathfinder because it covers the body

  5. What if you play on 2 platforms with the same email and account will you get the skin on both or not

  6. In my opinion every other legendary skin is better than any of Bangalore’s

  7. Remember if you are using your moms credit card delete it after you redeemed the pack


  9. just a heads up there was a bug where none of this was secure and someone handed out the twitch prime loot everyone used it or alot of people did and because they cant just ban everyone who got it for free they just deleted the skin completely lolololol

  10. Right so I found out it was an old account that was linked I revoked it what I do now ?

  11. PLEASE RESPOND- I have everything linked except my actual Xbox account even tho I used the same email is there any possible way to link your Xbox account thanks

  12. I think my problem is that my Xbox isn’t linked to these accounts even tho it’s the same email because when I go on origin it’s says no Xbox account is connected even tho it’s the same email for my account how do you connect your Xbox account to origin?

  13. Your tutorial is the only one that has helped you definitely deserve a sub

  14. Hey Tabor! Since comments on your Apex Legends review were disabled, thought I'd say it here. Essentially, the game stops telling you the player count when there are less than 10 people. For me, this is a positive since it adds another layer to the game but like you said in your video, it becomes harder to assess the situation!

  15. Does this happen to anyone else? You buy something on console, for me it’s PS4 but when I open the game on PC.. nothing’s there. Or is that a cross platform thing?

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