Advanced Settings Guide For PC & Console – Fortnite Battle Royale (Season 9)

In this video, I cover six advanced settings that a ton of pro players have been using recently. These settings will definitely help you guys improve, win more games, and give you an advantage in game. The six settings I talk about are colorblind modes, visual sound effects, two edit keys, scroll wheel edit reset, scroll wheel pickup, and mutli-threaded optimization. A majority of pros are using colorblind modes (deuteranope or tritanope) in game to be able to see into the storm more easily….


  1. On normal settings you have a scale from 1-10 in look sensitivity and in aim. However on advanced you have percentages. So is 4 sensitivity on normal, 40% on advanced? How does it work?

  2. I had Multi thread render enabled and it helped me out but half way in season x I got really weird fps drops where my fps drops from 180 to 30 every 5 seconds or so. I found that disable multithread fixes it completely. I will switch back when epic fixes it but for now it helps a ton to keep it disabled.

  3. Do a video on what the best headphones and/or heat set is for positional audio, and if it even matters because you kind of said it doesn't in this video.

  4. Hey why I don’t have video setting in fortnite I m on Xbox one S can someone tell me?

  5. Hey itsKerian I just wanted to add a comment because your one of the only real dedicated youtube channels that actually teaches fortnite players how to get better, I think for colorblind settings you meant Protanope instead of Tritanope, on tritanope 10 the storm is literally harder to see through than with colorblind settings off, you literally can't see it all just looks like an aqua coloured opaque wall? I tested all colorblind settings and protanope and deuteranopia provide the best advantages to seeing into the storm, i played on both 6 and 10 on both settings, deuteranope does in fact suck at night when set to 10, however, I found when I paired with brightness at 1.00 as opposed to the standard 0.50 it wasn't as bad, however, if you don't like high brightness and want to see at night than I happy medium for me was o.50 brightness with 6 protanope.

  6. Loved the scroll confirm idea. Sucks to be me playing on scroll so I cant use it

  7. How does this help console players the key binds only matter to pc the only one that affects consoles is color blind

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