Aimbot Glitch! – Fortnite CONSOLE

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  1. You guys are awesome and completely destroy the comment section, but its getting hard for me to keep up with you guys. If you follow me on twitter and ask me a question I can guaranteed a response 🙂
    This is the Link:

    To everyone asking me to the delete the video or change the title, i'm not going to… by giving this exposure epic can look into this problem and maybe find a solution. Its like the double pump, some people like it, some people don't. Just accept this meta how it is and use it while you can because it honestly doesn't have a place in this game in the long run.

  2. I remembered hearing this before people learned it from Ghost Aydan back in season 5. Now I remember from who I learned it from.

  3. Io sono italiano e questo glich è infallibile è un glich assurdo grazie per questo forse farò la mia prima vittoria grazie a te sei un grande

  4. I didn’t do anything I got a scar is it 100 shotgun and I’ve been doing it work so

  5. This helps out thanks I can do shoutouts to the first 6 people to like this comment

  6. I remember watching this back in season 4. This is where are the console l2 spamming started

  7. Someone tell me why it doesn't work like his mine go's slower and my fingers are fast but when I get in to a other account it likes his Wich is werid????

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