Aimbot Hacker Exposed in APEX Legends!

This is the Origin ID of the cheater: TwTvlolGDog

This game is called Apex Legends and is free to play on PC, Xbox and PS4.

Stream info: Every Monday and Tuesday at 5:30 PM EST and random weekend times.

Stream platforms



Live streams every Monday…


  1. How to report the cheater. Open Origin, go to Friends and search for TwTvlolGDog, go to View Profile, click the drop down next to Add Friend, choose the option to Report. Every report helps!

  2. Why cheaters destroy the fun of the game for themselves? Absolute bullshit you talking and beside his aimbot you have had killed him. Shoot half Magazin away

  3. I cheat too, I mean why not? It's a free game. You have three options; 1) deal with it, 2) bot yourself 3) play another game.
    Tbh, getting into a game like these with no experience and only meet players that played fps for years obv. suck. The chance of getting a kill is 1 in 200. Ofc people cheat 😀

  4. Its a free game, reporting cheaters you see they only one this ONE APEX GAME, and nothing else. nothing to lose.

  5. I die like this AlL THE TIME ON XBox 1… This shit is SOO annoying. I think it worse on consoles than PC… At least its detectable on PC.

  6. PC the hacker cheater Master race couldn't imagine why anyone would play on Console

  7. Everyone hacks on pc, even if u report him he’ll jus make a new account 🤣🤷‍♂️ in still have aim bot

  8. Bro you just need to get good man any good player can sense that other players on the other side of a mountain and then Drill them in the head with a hundred percent perfect headshots that's easy.

  9. I hate fucking cheaters…they cant get a kill straight up so they have to cheat , this shit really grinds my gears.

  10. highly doubt origin does anything though i just learned to accept a lot fake gamers this generation so gonna be a lot of cheaters even on console with M & K so on these dev do nothing about it

  11. Reporting cheaters makes no difference.

    It’s a free to play game so the only way to make a significant reduction in cheaters are if the devs make a really good anti-cheat software catching most cheaters quick…. But they are using “easy to cheat” anti-cheat….. so that wont happen.

    Sadly, because i am so tired of cheaters destroying most FPS games I find fun…….

  12. Oh my what a surprise another p.c hacker aimbot I'm so shocked yet another cheater in the God of gaming platform please oh please say it ain't so.

  13. This guys isnt cheating. He missed shots. Not a lot but he isn't cheating. You look foolish now

  14. This is the reason i play console ill deal with the mouse and keyboard users over the cheaters on pc.

  15. Even streamers are asking for cheats xD I think there is like 10+ streamers that have been caught..They realy have to do something about the cheating problem, its like every 3 match we get fucked by some cheaters that only headshoots from 100m +

  16. I really appreciate you pointing people like this out, seems the game is becoming plagued with aimbotters. Reported one this morning who was obvious about it. I'll gladly report this guy as well. I'd hate to see this great game ruined by cheating douchebags.

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