All 10 Gold XP Coins Locations in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3! – Gold is the Greatest Punch Card

All gold xp coins week 8! Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 also has hidden xp coins, just like in season 1 and 2 of chapter 2!
In this video I will show all 10 gold xp coins locations to complete your gold is the greatest punch card!
How to collect gold xp coins in fortnite chapter 2 season 3!

Gold XP Coin will give 15,000 XP!
To collect Gold XP Coins you need a vehicle (car, choppa, motorboat)

[00:00]: Gold XP Coin 1 – Mount Kay
[00:45]: Gold XP Coin 2 – Yellow…


  1. Timestamps:


    [00:00]: Gold XP Coin 1 – Mount Kay

    [00:45]: Gold XP Coin 2 – Yellow Steel Bridge

    [01:07]: Gold XP Coin 3 – Hydro 16

    [01:30]: Gold XP Coin 4 – Lockie's Lighthouse

    [01:46]: Gold XP Coin 5 – Steamy Stacks


    [02:05]: Gold XP Coin 6 – FN Radio

    [02:34]: Gold XP Coin 7 – Catty Corner

    [03:07]: Gold XP Coin 8 – Frenzy Farm

    [03:33]: Gold XP Coin 9 – Salty Springs

    [04:05]: Gold XP Coin 10 – Holly Hedges

  2. Question, so on my gold xd coin punch card, it say 2/3. I’ve gotten the one at the collection and the one at stark industries. If I got those, then weres the third one?

  3. I went to all of the locations but none of them where there! Is there some sort of spawn chance?

  4. Yo down time is in a few hours and I am level 93 I grinned with this and I am 100

  5. Omg thank u so much today is the last day for the battle pass and I got their 100

  6. Am I the only one here who got all the coins but the game says I didn’t? Only the purple punchcard registered. The rest didn’t but they won’t load in the map anymore either (as i got them all)


  7. Guys I'm at their 99 I don't know if I'll make it so I watch this🤭 hopefully I get their 100 I stared this season late

  8. Last day of the season, I’ve been grinding for Eternal Knight Superlevel Maxed this whole day and with no hope because I’ve done all my challenges, I realized, “wait, XP Coins!” You saved a life sir

  9. I didn’t get the salty and holly coins it wouldn’t show up

  10. 12 hours left until season 4
    Level 199
    No challenges left.
    Running out of hope
    Only to realize there's gold xp coins I didn't get.

  11. Thanks today’s the last day of this season and I want to get to level 160 and I’m level 146 now

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