All Apex Legends Game Modes Since Season 1 – Do You Remember Them All?

All Apex Legends Game Modes Since Season 1 – Do You Remember Them All?

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  1. They should make a party mode. So you would have normal duos and trios, ranked, and party.
    party would include all of these fun modes, and new fun modes are added to the party rotation

  2. The two LTM that I never played but I wanted to was Golden Rush and Third Person mode. It was only because I didn't play until after 'System Override' Collection Event

  3. I hope there will be solo ranked mode because when I play squad it's really hard to ranked up especially when ur teammate r trash

  4. The one day I had to leave my house for the day is when third person mode came out -_-

  5. I love all the game modes the only thing I wish respawn would do is re add some of the old cosmetics I was sooooo gutted when I couldn’t afford the pathfinder fight night skin

  6. I feel like Third person mode was the best LTM and I don't understand why Solos mode even is an LTM and not a permanent mode because SOLO Queue in Apex is PAINFUL

  7. Ah the old times when triple take was a energy weapon and choke existed
    God i miss these gamemodes

  8. You have NO IDEA how annoying it was to get that legendary Devotion skin during the first “Fight or Fright” event.

  9. 3rd person was the first game mode I ever got a 4k on!! It was a blast, especially with the 1x digital threat because it made you go back into 1st person when ADS

  10. I still remember in Shadowfall me and a Pathfinder were shooting at each other in the caves. I was super low and he was about to shoot the killing shot but right before he hit the trigger the last guy died so we were just standing there awkwardly. He gave me a med kit and shield battery afterward. I still think about that from time to time

  11. Started playing 3 weeks ago, definitely I have experienced the best game mode ever. Of course I'm talking about the cosmic Mozambique on drop, best game mode ever.

  12. i really wish i didnt quit playing during season 1 and 3 missed out on alot played season 2 and came back at season 3 for the halloween event

  13. I know that they don't want to add a wallrunning legend (even though it would be awesome) but I hope we at least get another wallrunning LTM before next Halloween.

  14. Airdrop escalation is better than the main game.
    It gave the game a fun faster pace and it fixed the problem of respawning your team mid game.
    / Late game

    You could spot where teams where located by the package lights there was a fun risk reward dynamic behind it.

  15. I wish to play the first zombie game mode, I missed it because I was not home around that time

  16. Never got to play DUMBIES DAY I WANT TO TRY IT NOW also never played a 3rd person mode in game only 3rd person in firing range

  17. Dude 🙁 I remember playing the 1st day it came out and telling everybody to install it and I would exclusively play bloodhound

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