All LEAKED Characters Revealed In Apex Legends & Their Abilities! (Immortal, Nomad, Loba & MORE!)

All Leaked Characters In Apex!
In this video, I take a look at every single leaked legend in Apex Legends and I also go over their abilities in detail. From Loba to Immortal, all of these legends have been found in the game files and can possible make their appearance in Apex one day. Thanks to all the sources who helped with this video!


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  1. The thing that will probably differentiate Jericho’s shield from Gibraltar’s shield is probably that Jericho won’t be able to shoot while his shield is up which explains why it seems OP.

  2. I like this channel but I wish it would stay away from leaks and maybe go towards the side of theorys or ideas for the game instead of just telling everyone what they are going to do already it just sucks to see people's hard work get ruined and you could say to people to not look if they don't want to but it should come down to the developers not the people its they're work and at the end of the day they did say they dont like their work being leaked. Again I do like this channel and I'm just suggesting a way around ruining people's work

  3. Prediction: Rampart's 'Amped Cover' will work like 'Hardcover' from TF2 and 'Emplaced HMG' should then function like the 'Light Turret' from TF2. Thoughts?

  4. You know. With all these other leaked legends having multiple passives and yes the first 2 or 3 have to be passives otherwise that is an incredibly op tactical, makes me think that each of the original legends will receive a buff before or after all the new legends are announced cause let's be honest guys the moment all of these characters are revealed in the game…no one will play with the original season cast members unless they receive an equal buff to the new ones

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