ALL PRESENTS FORTNITE + HOW TO TELL WHICH is WHICH! – Winterfest Presents/Rewards in Battle Royale

All presents in Fortnite and how to tell which is which! These are the Winterfest presents and free rewards in the recent Battle Royale event. But I show you a mehtod that letโ€™s you know whatโ€™s in the winterfest presents like the shortbread slicers, peppermint pick, and even the big green secret present that you have to save for last. As for the gameplay itโ€™s some zone wars so enjoy!

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  1. Christmas Tree is Christmas guy skin!
    Also, after claiming the stocking challenges, go to the fire for Back Bling 2020 Kickflip!

  2. Spoiling isnโ€™t cool, u honestly just ruin the event. Epic tried making this suprising and fun

  3. the save for last present is the is the mameth the christmas tree can only be unlocked after all presents that pressent contains the bunker jonesey christmas tree skin/outfi

    tleave a like to this comment so you can get my secrets on opening all presents at once
    you guys are the best thanks ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ; )

  4. Highly Missable You get that Christmas Tree Outfit by highlighting the the two packages on the left then select the Tree press on it again and it should say "Open It" and BAM! You Get The Christmas Tree Outfit which is an Epic Outfit…….. ALSO

    The Other Outfit you mentioned on the left was on the market Place a few days ago my guess would be the Nutcracker Outfit or a 2020 Outift to match the gun wraps and the skateboard and glider which the glider is part of the challenges for winterfest.

  5. How to get a free skin by follow the steps
    1 if you have not open a gift yet do this
    2 go to the stars gift at the right
    3 then go to the to the tree
    4 then open the tree to get the
    If it works like me
    So there is only one skin in the last present not two

  6. the tree skin you can get from clicking the tree it is selectable when you choose the right side……………..your welcome

  7. To get the Christmas skin, there is a Christmas tree near the nutcracker so tap on it and open it.

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