Am I CHEATING for This!? PUBG Mobile on iPad for FIRST Time.

Am I CHEATING for this!? PUBG Mobile on iPad for FIRST Time.
Hello in this video I will be playing PUBG Mobile on a iPad for the first time ever so if you are new here make sure to subscribe.🙏🏾

Device: iPad 6th gen
Recorder:Game Launcher
Server: N/A (North America)

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  1. This video was recorded on the iPad Pro 12.9-inch 3rd gen, but since it doesn't have the headphones jack it's hard for me to make videos using elgato, so I went out and got the iPad 6th gen😭😭(returned my OG💯) more info follow my Instagram:⏬

  2. I made an account in ipad but played 2 fingers for a year and a half and 3 figers for 1 month then went to 4 fingers

  3. ok 2xscope I wanna see u play on a Galaxy note Edge and make a video on it 😂😂😂

  4. 😂😂😂😂HOMEBOY WAS COLLECTING HIS "IMPORTANT NECESSARIES" 😂😂😂 You know how many teams I've been on that does that,🤬 MAKES ME😜😜😜 CHEERS 💨 👍✌️👍🤟 ✌️

  5. Bruh
    You have caribbean in your blood for sure
    I said so due to the way your editing the videos and adding in funny audio 🤣

  6. Please can you show me your ways. I'm more or less a noob at this game and I've been gaming for 5 months now

  7. 12:43
    Pro player: Scope don't move while they're shooting.
    Me: Scope scope be moving up to down while I am shooting. I been trying to fix that, but I can't.

  8. Lol ofc device matters u try to play on a iPhone 6 the scope wont even open for 6 seconds so much lag etc. Etc

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