ANGRY DAD RAGES AT MODDER in GTA 5 Online! (GTA 5 Funny Trolling)

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  1. Number one rule is to not feed the troll. I hope this golden mods guy suffocates on the feed he gets.

  2. And to take away everything some people have worked for is so bogus. I hope who ever is modding, gets banned. I got negative rp bcuz of a modder once and could never get anything ever again. So i never played afain. Just ruins the game

  3. Just saying stealing money in the game is actually stealing money in real life because shark cards

  4. Wait do you give there shit back at the end bc if you don’t then that’s fucked up

  5. Your a punk, just so you know. Someday you'll get yours, believe that or not. GOD bless!!!

  6. Ngl I feel kinda bad for these guys. Imagine grinding this game and then BAM; all your work is gone.
    Their reactions were still funny tho.

  7. The dad sounds like the guy with the New York accent that was on the heat

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