Who wanted long videos 😏?It’s balanced montage, some spicy memes,Jojo references,trash jokes,fragmovies in Apex Legends 😎

2019 is the year, when I found my small audience, let it be a trifle for someone, for me it is an achievement. Thank you for being always with me, Happy New Year ⛄💥✨


HIGH QUALITY iLishar’s video

Thank you for watching and comments!



  1. Турбочача!!!!!!! Турбочача!!!!! Почему я так ору?!

  2. I thought the ad was gonna be RAID shadow legends but his friend is 100000 times better

  3. 0:52 the combination of u better stop and but I'm not done yet is genius more YouTubers should do that just funny

  4. i need to learn some editing tricks, like the shake at 4:42 takes me too long to shake stuff by editing movement on each frame

  5. Surprisingly good video from an upcoming YouTuber such as your self keep up the good work
    P.s. what is the code for I was hoping Xbox but it wasn't

  6. Great videos my dude, enjoy watching them Happy New Year. The codes at the end? Where to redeem?

  7. So now i know your Russian witch means you're a slavic jojo fan
    OMG ME TOO 😀

  8. Hey did u guys notice that in the season 3 trailer (the beginning) the announcer says: no weapons allowed on the dropship
    Then bloodhound has a knife in his hand

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