Apex Legends 06/10/2019 Season 3 hackers alert

Hacking to spoil the game #Aimbot


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  2. Youtube should ban all the remove promoting scam web apps. The only website that worked for me is Gamecrook.

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  4. GameCrook gave me so many real free gems, coins, gold or whateverbut I wish more because they limit to 15k tops.

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  6. Hahaha his grapples are fuckin mint 🤣🤣 hes actually rlly bad and definitly a rookie

  7. i actually think that respawn devs makes those impresive advanced cheats. actually respawn is not banning hackers any more, they shadow ban them, it means they play only with other cheaters. wich is something really deshonest from a company. is like they are the law and they allow illegal activities.

  8. Many years ago, I used to play Battlefield Bad Company 2. They had a lot of Cheaters with Aimbots back then, it really hurts a good game. EA I believe is very tough about Hackers, Ban them for life, there was a work around. I will not disclose how that worked. I do not remember the name of the hack, that was used back them. If you are going to cheat, then do not make it obvious. Hell, just don't cheat is the best. But the cheaters, think they can rely on the excuse, by saying they are pro. Which is bullshit, if you can't see a player, and are killing through the smoke, I do not believe that is a Pro. Even a Pro has to have some line of site.

  9. Y muchos en la comunidad no reportan los retard, mientras más reportes más rápido bajan a los cabrones hackers

  10. Men a mi lo que da más rabia es que los cerdos tramposos siguen impones siempre respown ni le importa la mierda que tienen en su juego

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