Apex Legends || AimAssist + Adjustable Antirecoil + Rapidfire & much more [Cronusmax,PS4,XBOX]

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  1. omg and your arabic jesus christ fuck your entire country, your shit even without recoil omfg
    to translate into your garbage ass language
    bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb! bomb? bomb!

  2. My dude out here hustling and taking advantage of people but that’s none of my business Ggs though 🤣❤️

  3. which script did you use on cronusmax? & what did you change the parameters too?

  4. I don't mind paying for it but does it actually work? I just bought Cronusmax Plus, does it work on PS4? I tried to use gamepack from CronusPro after I edited it but I didn't feel much difference my aim still sucks, anyone can help me to understand how to set it up?

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