APEX Legends – AIMBOT wins the game

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  1. I'd be cool with confirmed cheaters being shipped off to a glue factory so they can be made into something useful.

  2. Ridiculous. I feel sorry for anyone who finds 'playing' the game this way fun.

  3. Holy shit is that Tejbz i hear? Maybe not, but in the first few secs it sounds like him

  4. This is so gross. It spits in the face of people that put in hours to actually get good at the game.

  5. Personally when I was about 17 I used to use hacks in games because I got extremely bored and people would go ape shit like you and say the stupidest stuff. "ah you must have no life. I bet you look like shrek." I found it to be extremely funny because I was just a normal run of the mill kid and would also love to do it when my gf was with me so she could talk on the mic and it would REALLY confuse people for a minute before they inevitability went back to insults. Other than that no real reason aside from dicking around.

  6. Dude lasers ppl like a pro, but stands still to loot? Yeah, pro my ass. Good catch. There's tons of hackers in this game atm and no anti cheat that I've seen. In Asia it's 75% hackers at least and legit ppl don't hardly play anymore because of the cheaters.

  7. Asia servers and you will find each every game, almost from china when they added bot in automatically for those hack advertisment name in the chat. Fuck these cheaters!

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