Apex Legends All Cinematic Trailers 2020 | FULL HD 1080P 60FPS

Today I have combined Official cinematic trailers for you. Like the video for a unique experience
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  1. This video is marvelous. That's a fany way of saying it is good.

  2. Woah so wraith is the voice inside her own head who sees everything using her own portals, lol that is so cool man, I love this game and these cinematic shorts so damn much, it just makes the game even more interesting with its own story too lol 😄😁🥳

  3. Paths innocence reminds me of chappie🥺 he’s so cute😭 I’m a big path main and try to shit on every revenant in a match 😀

  4. Yo I love how apex used legends in cinematics before they where released like in season two with crypto destroying the tower and revenant being the guys who ran the shadow world bc his ult keeps you from dying they mad so many clever nods to future legends and we didn’t even know it it’s awesome

  5. When the Apex Leader came out I had so many flash backs to Titanfall 2 and screamed like a bitch.

  6. 2:02
    I know im probably crazy but arent those the drones that ubduct chico in the metal gear solid peace walker series?

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