Apex Legends: All Hidden Easter Eggs

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  1. i realy need a new ps4 because mine keeps overheating on any game with good or HD graphics

  2. Path finder is mrvn you idiot he is not an overwatch character*facepalms during my comment*

  3. Dude what the hell these aren’t Easter ages there normal?! Oh it’s a year ago never mind not useful in 2020

  4. Anybody watching this, these arents Easter eggs there just facts about the game

  5. people use scuff controllers

    Claw players: let us introduce our selves.

  6. Theres an easter egg in the firing range and basically if you go to a certain spawn terminal and hop up on a metal structure while crouched then if you change your legend the bots in the range move and shoot

  7. Bloodhounds bird is a reancharnation of his uncle Arthur who hated technology as of which is why the raven attacks pathfinder

  8. Welp this is probably going to be late but bastion and patherfinder are not related with the birds because, if u look at bloodhounds bird and her info she hates robots and thats the same crow bloodhound owns.

  9. U probably won’t. Respond to this since u posted this a year ago but I found more of those plushie dinosaurs

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