Apex Legends Announcer Voice Glitch/Crypto Hack

Apex Legends™


  1. *Glitch noises
    Round 2 beginning ring countdown
    *Glitched other voice lines (Principaly "This is your champion")
    (Low pitch) Round 2 beginning ring countdown

  2. I thought my game was lagging and then I was like noooo that HAS TO BE CRYPTO

  3. Dude wth is this I actually thought I was the only person in the world to hear this but I guess others have as well

  4. Mark my words: Crypto is coming for Wraith. The IMC has seen what she can do in the arena and they want their little experiment back now. Crypto is working with them to disable security, to make this little caper go more smoothly.

    I bet Wraith and Crypto worked together before she lost her memory. If it's true, then he's the only person in this dimension besides Singh (who is possibly dead thanks to VoidWalker) who can tell our Wraith who she used to be.

    Her reaction to that is gonna be something else.

  5. I thought someone launched pad or landed behind me when it happened

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