[APEX LEGENDS] Asia Server Cheaters | The Current State -_-

The current state of the apex legends asia servers. The asia server is filled with hackers , cheaters , aimbots , speedhacks etc.


  1. That’s not a hacker that’s just ace how F ING FAST HE IS WHEN HE SLIDE JUMPS

  2. Me: no mic/ my tv: jfjfijeisoshdlfoyfhdiidgejsoJjdifjfbdkdojdbdjdiddvdkdojdvdfkfoicjfixocoocldosokshfbfoofhjijkf

  3. I love the initial D part aka speed hacker. I'm playing at Singapore server, same shit everyday i face this assholes. You can check at my channel for everyday across with them. Great job in editing man!

  4. There was 1 game (out of hundreds) my squad (randoms) managed to kill 2 hackers that used speed. We used the houses to kinda shield us since he had to stop using the speed to walk in normal speed to get into house or something. The other one we simply ambushed the hacker who was looting so he couldnt run in time
    Sadly, we didnt survive after we killed those hackers because another squad ambushed us xD

  5. I hate these advertisers and hackers!! Asia server is literally unplayable because of these n word s…

  6. I live in Shenzhen, and play on HK and Taiwan servers. EA/respawn will disappoint a lot of us if this isn't cleaned up fast. I haven't seen it get any better, it's gotten worse.

  7. In asia.. you're not unlucky when you meet a hacker , you're lucky if you dont.

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