Apex Legends Bloodhound Edition & Lifeline Edition First Look Gameplay!

Apex Legends Bloodhound Edition and Lifeline Edition Gameplay First Look. We can only choose one. Which one will you choose? Both Bloodhound Physical copy and Lifeline physical copy are awesome. I’m impressed. I hope they let us buy both per account.

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  1. A legendary skin IN item shop is 1800 Apex coins or $20 so all the legendarys combined if you could buy it would be $60 so with $10 apex coins you are paying $20 for $70 worth of stuff a bargain

  2. Rite now im having this same problem i purchased the bloodhound edition and today i purchased the octane edition on the same account and i didnt receive my skins banner badge etc. But i need some help what can i do?

  3. $20 for a pack that gives a legend and weapon skin, plus 1000 apex coins? For sure a good deal since how expensive anything is in this game in the shop.
    I mean sure the guns are just reskins, but if you don't own them then it's great. Skins are unique, though yeah, first person kinda makes it pointless. Least your enemies know how cool you look right!? Eh.
    Blood Hound is really nice, Lifelines is alright. I mean, the drone needs some love imo. The skin has that big nice shield, but since it's first person who cares? The weapon skin is also nice, but imo the flatline's defeault legendary skins are kinda meh. Nothing really changing to them.

  4. I buy bloodhound edition and I Got the apex legend game and the bloodhound edition

  5. So bro I buy the edition right .So do I put the code in the PS4 redeem code or I put the disc .I already have a account

  6. If I purchase the game via the store on xbox one, will I still receive the code? Or I have to buy a physical copy?

  7. Physical copy, but you don't get a disc on PC. So basically it's just an empty case and a voucher. Stupid.

  8. I bought the lifeline pack and when i start the game it will not give me the skin 😢

  9. So Im on Pc. Do I have to buy either the xbox or ps4 game? And use the code on my pc?

  10. I like the bloodhound skin better but I never play him. I've played lifeline alot so I'd pick that one

  11. So u don’t even get the axe for blood hound, they should be given each character a melee weapon with these editions

  12. On ps store it says it’s a free download for me? Is that a thing or does the lifeline skin and banner cost money? I already have the original game just confused here haha

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