Apex Legends- Can you play Apex with MOUSE and KEYBOARD on XBOX?

Xim Apex:

Gaming mouse and keyboard:

-Equipment I use: (affiliate links)
Mic stand:
Oculus rift:

-Attrezzatura che uso:
Tastiera: …


  1. I love how u just clear out the answer without a long explanation and waiting till they get to the point

  2. It’s seriously not fair how on pc you can plug in your controller and and console you can’t plug in your keyboard and mouse

  3. there is a way, it’s called allowing us to use custom keyboard bindings just like warthunder. If imma spend 300 on some usb piece of shit might as well just build a gaming pc at that point. Fuck Xbox for being so stingy and unaccommodating.

    Edit: they’re honestly just lazy. wouldn’t this be an easy thing to do? Instead of charging 300 a piece for a usb? cant some gamers just do the programming? Like holy shit

  4. Broo im glad u didnt make the video like 20 mins long just to say no u just earned yourself a new subscriber lmao

  5. Can we just agree that apex derserves one word about keyboard and mouse


  6. He’s not wrong there is a certain adapter for it but if you want to program it into your Xbox then go ahead some games do work for mouse and keyboard

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