Apex Legends Coaching – Wraith SUPER Clutch Win! – ApexAnalyzed

Wraith coaching! Welcome to ApexAnalyzed, our community coaching series! Today we take a look at a Wraith player, who wants to get better, but needs to be more aggressive! Let’s go Wraith coaching!

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  1. This video just goes to show you how if you talk confidently you sound like you know what your talking about LOL
    "We could run right, or we could run left, then just start firing on a fight we're not invited to" #slapshead or just sit back, watch the last 2 squads get each other low bombard them with grenades and 3rd party for the win.

  2. please don't encourage noobs to use spitfire. they'll get used to how pisseasy spitfire is to use abd never really improve untill they get other weapons placed in their hands

  3. At the start the dude doesnโ€™t grab a chest shield on the ground when his shields broke.

  4. He is a good player but he needs to commit more to gunfights and speed up the pace of his plays, otherwise one day he will get outplayed for not committing or not taking enough opportunity and never achieve high kill games. Feels fresh to see overanalysed in apex.

  5. Wow, amazing job!! Gameplay analysis is about the main way I improve other than playing!! Thanks for putting in the work ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿป

  6. It is better to loot bodies before getting shields back because you could just replace your shield with theirs instantly for full shields

  7. NOTE: you always say to dance while looting, however in case you didnt know that doesnt wok on anything but PC, on console it blocks you from moving when looting.

  8. i love your analysis. As someone who is usually decent at most shooters, i get smashed in this game all the time. New to this channel, do you accept gameplay clips and choose some to review?

  9. Apex Legends NEEDS so much work to make it great. It's a beautiful game. You can see there was a lot of time put into it. But the lag, rubberbanding and stuttering is absolutely hideous. I do still play it, but unfortunately I only play 3 matches a day to keep my blood pressure down. I hope EA fixes this, and does the same for Battlefield 5(same exact problem)

  10. Truly awesome gj thumbs up this sort of advice and information will truly help me rise through the ranks. Not because I'll take any of it, hopefully those who do will be in my games not in my squad.

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