Apex Legends Crate Glitcher caught then Destroyed!!

Alarmix here, in this apex legends video I am going to be showing you how we destroyed a crate glitcher/cheater! I hope you enjoy this apex legends winter express gameplay video!







  1. This literally happened to me earlier for once this glitch is by far the most annoying glitch by far this to me surpass the Sentinal glitch because it hinders the ability to play the game mode Really in removes the fun out of the game even for sweats and low levels so please DON'T DO THIS GLITCH!!!!!

    I could rant forever on it so sorry

    This glitch did happen when I was playing with my friends on ps4 when an enemy giby did the glitch

  2. You need to monitor the amount of weirdos on your discord. lets just say the link they gave me scarred me for life and my search history for life. But props to merik for immediately calling him out. I left thought because no 13 yo should see what i saw.

  3. why does everybody call this cheating, its not the players fault that this got in the game (to be fair, its not the devs either, they don't want this here) but since it is in the game, people should be allowed to have fun with it.

  4. Honestly this glitch happened to me. I was playing with randoms and they did something to me and I got stuck in the car. They could not even damage me. I got bored and quit.

  5. Best way to deal with it is to get in there yourself with a friend helping you or your friend making a portal or something and then you go in, kill them, and then if there was a portal then portal out, or use frags to kill yourself and then you wil respawn. This happened to me so I got my friend to get me into the box, then I killed the enemy that was hiding in there, the;I used frag grenades to die.

  6. 0:34 And this glitch pretty much ruines the game

    I mean not really you can just farm xp for staying alive I got 2k xp for staying alive for 18 minutes

    And not a lot of people know this but you get aton of xp for just staying in the game for as long as possible and no one really takes advantage over it

  7. This happened to me yesterday we would’ve won the game if it wasn’t for the glitcher

  8. This happened to me and my friends and we just brute forced iy with caustic ults

  9. Bro I've had this glitch happened to me so many times that is why I don't play the game mode anymore

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