Apex Legends Crypto Story and Lore | Deep Dive

Apex Legends’ newest character Crypto is officially released, and that means it’s time to dig into Crypto’s lore to find out why his past has driven him to the Apex Games. What secrets reside in this hacker’s past?

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  1. I just realised crypto winked at mirage when he shot him with the charged rifle

  2. I didn't care for his gameplay too much at first, but after being forced to complete a few challenges using him, I got the hang of his kit and now think he is probably my favorite. Plus, "Yaaa, I'll take that." Is too creepy/good a voice line to not wanna hear everytime you claim some loot lol.

  3. There is no hiding from Crypto…truer words were never said, you should see how easy ranked is knowing where literally everyone is.

  4. Heard the news that OG (a dota 2 org) are gonna have a csgo roster consist of international players

  5. Apex is super fun right now, however I definitely need a solo duo and squad mode, like right now

  6. Damn that's a nice back story….hahaha watch her sister being sombra

  7. Love the content! You guys are one of the only reasons I have any knowledge on current events in esports

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