Apex Legends Developer ROASTS The ENTIRE Apex Community On Reddit!

Respawn Developer ROASTS The Apex Legends Community On Reddit!

This video will be talking about the incident that happened on Reddit a few days ago regarding the new iron crown loot packs. The apex legends developer went on to roast most of the apex legends community on reddit!

We will be talking about the iron crown event controversy in apex legends, and will be going over what one of the apex legends developers said about the games community on Reddit.
The respawn game developer…


  1. I'm a little confused as you say "you can pay 1800 apex coins to obtain 3 legendary skins" but each pack is 700 coins so 3 packs are 2100, also the chance of you getting a legendary skin is not that high your more than likely going to get the G7 and Bique skins first, they admitted they were in the wrong and are now going about it the right way

  2. The developer also called the community "ass-hats" I believe. But I bet he's feeling a bit of an ass hat himself.
    They should really be fair with the community, you can't just diss them and expect people to still play. Price changes doesn't matter.(well kinda) but this game can really succeed at its peak though.
    Btw CrazyPie you got awesome vids and great guide tips
    Thanks for showing me the way. 🤙 Keep it up man.

  3. Bruh ur free-to-play game could make me broke and you gonna call me a freeloader just for not buying it, hope he doesn't work there anymore ;/

  4. 1 person doesn't work at respawn..
    There are alot of employees and we can't judge the company for a mistake 1 person did.

  5. U should read the tweet that Zeppeli or something tweeted about it

  6. Look man they are not forcing to buy I the skins it's it choice and yeah its free to play but they also have to out foods on their table and the community just asking for stuff stupidly spreading negativity sucks man they gaved us this amazing game and working hard and actively engaging with community I dont feel right to just go against them raging on them I also am from middle class family no rich have to think twice before investing but see I habu so many free stuff even the legends so stop complaining and enjoy that's just my opinion I know no one gives a fuck about it but still think of it they are trying there best to give us the best superpower br game out there #iloveapex

  7. You're a shill. Just like the other whales on YouTube. You profit from the game so anything they do is fine with you. The actual community means nothing to respawn or EA. Most of us "freeloaders" purchased both season passes and in game currencies for characters. These devs purposely want to strip the community of their money. That's why they made the absurd RNG process to get all the content and a second paywall for the heirloom. Nobody should threaten them. Loss of faith and support is fully earned at this point though.

  8. They still need people who dont buy shit just to play their game so they could entertain the ppl who bought stuff from them. They better STfU

  9. the dev was getting death threats so him snapping should have been expected

  10. I just dont see how they justify selling a skin for nearly 20 bucks if they wanna make money make it affordable and fair for everyone if skins were 5 bucks or even 10 I'm sure more people would spend money but if your buying a skin for 20 bucks your either stupid or pretty well off

  11. No one:

    Literally no one:

    Respawn Entertainment: fuck u kid

  12. Im not mad about spending money, I’m mad about the amount of money it is to buy a pack that you might not even get the skins you want. I understand most people are free loaders but they could have at least have been cheaper.

  13. I don't really mind what they said cuz I'll still play the game at the end of the day

  14. I’m not sure but I’ve at least spent almost 300 dollars on this game , still love the game but damn harsh words from a dev , especially the ones (like me) that have been here since the first day and never gave up on the game when people said it was “dead” that one dev can fuck him self

  15. I fell as at one point this shit was going to happen EA ITS IN THE GAME

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