Apex Legends.exe Portrayed by Tom & Jerry

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  1. This is what happens when you run into a former predator in a platinum Lobby

  2. The red shirted guy has 20 kills badge, blue one 4k damage badge.

    green on probably has the 101010 badge

  3. Bro I was so mad and depressed today but this😂😂had me deeaaadddddd

  4. Dirty workにトムは依頼してたけどほんとに汚いことしてるのはジェリーの叔父なんやな…

  5. 初期サーバーで爪痕とハンマー取ったやつの末路で草

  6. 通りでみんなバッジが出てるのに傭兵ネズミだけ出てなかったんやなあって

  7. Got recommended and it was so funny🤣🤣🤣, But i miss Tom&Jerry 😭

  8. I just leave the server every time i see a level 1-10 as the champion lol.
    And that would be about half of My games, because sbmm is very Broken RN. And the names usually tells enough😂🤔… Something like AIM47=BOT65, OR they just smack the keyboard and this is born… (hh478bf4hhx436uh73hk5hk6) lol.

    BUT No hate on New players, i know there are Some of you, who are just trying To Learn the game, and For you Guys/Girls i hope nothing but the Best.

  9. Y la enseñanza es que no importa si tus enemigos son predators, los hack solucionan todo xd okno

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