Apex Legends FINALLY Adds SOLOS…This Changes EVERYTHING! (New Update Iron Crown Event)

We’ve all waited. The day has arrived. Iron Crown Event starts on August 13th, and goes until the 27th. The impact this has could change the landscape of Apex Legends forever…Like the video if you enjoy it! Make sure to watch until the end! Subscribe Now ► | Twitter: | Follow the stream, Raynstorm! ►

New Solos mode and Iron Crown Collection Event coming to #apexlegends August 13th. The implications…


  1. Me and my friend always duo que and constantly drop 1k dmg each while our teammate scavenges and steals our loot. It usually ends with both of us dropping 4-7 kills while our teammate drops 100 damage or makes the game WAY harder to play. Im happy to see solos

  2. I played the game when it came out (like everyone) then I quit, 1V3's are just not my thing, fair to say I'm redownloading the game right now, I bet a huge number of new players are gonna arrive.

  3. I think this is great for Apex – not only lets players to play by themselves but increases the quality of team playing because everyone that's playing teams wants to play as a team.

  4. But you can already play solos, just make sure you have a salty team that quits as soon as they die and you're golden 😀

  5. I stopped playing months ago. I'll log back in for solo mode though and when the LTM is up. I'll log back out.
    No interest in trio.
    What so ever…
    I have huge lack of experience in this game because of trio so i bailed on the whole game.
    If they keep solo mode this could be good.
    And bad on the virtual wallet

  6. How the heck did you stretch out such a small piece of information for that long? YouTube thug life.

  7. I can't wait to play solos because I'm pretty tired of trying so hard to carry little timmy and just losing game after game until I run into a half descent player and then I still don't win half the time.

  8. I honestly just hope solos blows up and hopefully they will just keep the game mode since it is just as popular as squads and they should work on adding Duos right after

  9. Ok there will be 10 running clone of mirage around and dozen of traps inside the bunker this is lit💪😈

  10. Wraith main here with 120 season 2 wins on Wraith alone. Personally glad I won't have to carry two fucking bots every game or deal with people that just don't stick with the team.

  11. finally solos tired of playing with bots nd tired of ppl freaking out cussing and calling me poor or random stuff bc I was just casual playing nd get distracted by going to my fridge or answering my phone 😂 like dude chill my pizza rolls where done

  12. I may be alone on this but I feel for solos to do well and possibly become a permanent game mode they will have to increase the time for abilities to be used.

  13. apex is a team based game. I dont think this is a good adition to the game

  14. I think it would be cool if the add like a thing where you can make your own character like with different ultimates for like 30000 character coins

  15. I'm getting a spiderman into the spiderverse vibe from this event… pathfinders everywhere…. I've been main him since day 1 and it's a little annoying that more and more people are playing him… cause they take my boy pathfinder.

  16. You know I can say as battle royal this is one of the best but still it makes me sad knowing that they totally bastatdized titanfall 3 and all us that love titanfall will never see titanfall 3 because this abortion of a game

  17. Their game is great but it’s like they said it requires teamwork and using the abilities and ultimates cohesively. It’s impossible to play this way with random teammates without mics

  18. So you made a 10+ minute video of an addition that isn't out yet? Aight. Big fokin money grab, 🤢

  19. Apex is going to garbage as solo. Most legends would be worthless

    Caustic Gibraltar and Watson?

    I think we will see a lot of lifelines and pathfinders…lesser extent Bangalore and bloodhound . Of course the selfish player fav pick speedy gonzalas

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