Apex Legends – Funniest WTF Fail Moments #19

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The best funny fail wtf moments from our “Apex Legends – Funny Moments & Best Highlights” series.

We’ve hand picked some our favorite clips from our Apex Legends series and edited them for your enjoyment in this video!

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Apex Legends – Funniest WTF Fail Moments…


  1. I love u guys… Keep it up 🙂 oh man my friends are going to be jealous if I win the 10,000 coins.

  2. Starting a new youtube channel and just come across this channel 😀 so happy i did subscribed!

  3. if your shirt is not tucked into your pants does that mean your pants is tucked into your shirt?

  4. Every time I see one of those really funny one. I just burst out in laughter.
    They are so funny this video really lives up to it's title

  5. Hey would really appreciate a win hardly win .. so this would be great..

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