Apex Legends FUNNY & BEST Moments Ep.443

Apex Legends FUNNY & BEST Moments Ep.443

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Bop It – Gavin Luke
Knastry – Anders Ekengren
An Unstoppable Message 2 – Sebastian Forslund
Whipped Butter 1 – Martin…


  1. QOTD: World's edge could be replaced with a special place for loba just like octane

  2. QOTD: Probably where revenants mainframe was protected by all those robots shown in the trailer.

  3. QOTD: Something very similar to Fragments East and West but they should leave the Leviathan head in the lava pit as a safe spot

  4. QOTD: I recon that it will stay in that sinking pose and they will rename it in SKULL GRAVEYARD.

  5. QOTD: i thinck a undergrownd tuner will take its plase and the stockers will go on the map

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