Apex Legends – Funny Moments & Best Highlights #296

Welcome back to another Apex Legends – Funny Moments & Best Highlights video. This series contains the best funny, fail, epic, wtf Apex Legends moments and top Apex plays all submitted by the community.

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Apex Legends – Funny Moments & Best Highlights #296

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  1. I have experienced the exact scenes of that first clip, the wraith tried to be friends and I accepted. My teammate didn’t know then that wraith killed my wraith (only teammate) told me to revive her and so i did she killed her again and then when i was reviving again she killed both of us.I didnt shoot a single bullet during this time. People dont play games for fun anymore

  2. Never trust a friendly wraith(unless its me)
    As a matter of fact i actually had a friendly wraith who kermited suicide to save us😥

  3. Never impressed with console gamers, aim assist plays the game for them they just have to fill in the blanks

  4. 9:14 lmao he look like he about to quit apex. He look like he died inside. His friends made it no better by laughing but it was funny tho.

  5. Damn that first clip was messed up…don't be friends with that person 😩👎

  6. Bruh the first clip was a straight asshole move, if i saw the dude run in i would’ve killed him without second thought, at least i’m not being a dickhead by acting friendly and then betray them afterwards 😂😂

  7. What was the point of being friendly when he/she was gonna kill the Revenant anyways? What a jerk. I feel bad for the revenant thinking he made a friend only to be betrayed minutes later.

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