Apex Legends Global Series Autumn Circuit Regional #3 – North America

Tune in for the third Regional Tournament of the Apex Legends Global Series Autumn Circuit at 4:45 PM PDT!

The Autumn Circuit continues with the third tournament in the three-month series. Watch the best teams from North America battle it out for a spot in the December Playoffs and a $500,000 prize pool! And if you’re hungry for an early taste of Apex action, you can catch the Europe Regional at 9:45 AM PDT. Find out who will rule the Arena and who will get trodden on like dirty…


  1. When are they gonna get some other then this female caster she's so dull. Just get anyone who is more exciting

  2. So I'm new to Apex and I just wanted to ask something… is camping a normal thing in the higher rank gameplay?

  3. New drinking game, real easy
    Everytime you hear : That's exactly right = take a drink
    Everytime you hear : Gurl = take a shot
    Everytime you hear: Cringe/unnecessary commentary = shot+chaser

  4. Lol no xeratricky was saying reps and hal were good and snip3down was shit

  5. Can someone catch me up to date and tell me how many more tournaments until the final final

  6. Why do they drop their shields on a crypt ultimate it still damages their shield anyway when they pick it up again

  7. Lol sound glitch when the r301 is shot into the phase and then seconds later crypto drone glitch when he hits becon twice and it doesn’t scan. Devs, you watching?

  8. I wish the commentators talked less… for one, half of what they say is irrelevant and second it makes it hard to concentrate on gameplay its hard to hear anything else other than their voices

  9. The fact that Bangalore, lifeline, and Rev also caustic are not use in the meta is kinda crazy. Not the greatest, but I just don’t believe these pros can’t find comps for legends. I’m glad crypto and bloodhound are use more now though

  10. The australian caster is truly one of the best. Great attitude, great calls, and epitome of classy (always give teams benefit of the doubt instead of dunking on them). Hats off.

  11. Does the way John’s mouth moves bother anyone else just something about his face 😂

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