Apex Legends Global Series Autumn Circuit Regional #4 – Europe

Tune in for the fourth Regional Tournament of the Apex Legends Global Series Autumn Circuit at 5:45 PM GMT.

The Autumn Circuit continues with the fourth tournament in the three-month series. Watch the best teams from Europe battle it out for a spot in the December Playoffs and a $619,000 prize pool! And if you’re hungry for more Apex action, you can catch the North America Regional tomorrow at 12:45 AM GMT. Find out who will rule the Arena and who will get trodden on like dirty leaves….


  1. 1 hour and 22 minutes in, here we go to the listen in:

    Nothing happens in the coms

  2. Seeing all this with the great Gibraltar players makes me wish there wasn't Olympus because it's just impossible to play him and he was my main since the start like I need more World's Edge back

  3. Quit calling her "Girl" every 1.5 minutes you ignorant dipshit! She has a fucking name. Pretend you can act like an actual educated male and address her by her name. You are embarrassing yourself!

  4. It was clearly obvious the finisher was done to prevent the guy going through the portal

  5. "Yeah that's exactly right."
    how many ways to agree or say yes in a sentence do you want

  6. None of them beaming or hitting every shot like in regular lobbies or even ranked. Missing 70% of wingman shots("pros") just shows that in diamond and higher lobbies people cheat.

  7. Casters need to stop talking about storylines and actually cast the games happening in front of them.

  8. Some interesting fight: *Happens
    Cameraman: Watch this guy run across the field of flowers at the other side of the map…

  9. Dude even if her casttag was "girl" the male caster sounds condescending and one upping her in the "ooo so manly gaming world" Other than that this was a fun tourney to watch

  10. Tsquared hard-carries this analyst/caster lineup. Dude must be fed up by now lol

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