Apex Legends Global Series Autumn Circuit Regional #4 – North America

Tune in for the fourth Regional Tournament of the Apex Legends Global Series Autumn Circuit at 4:45 PM PST!

The Autumn Circuit continues with the fourth tournament in the three-month series. Watch the best teams from North America battle it out for a spot in the December Playoffs and a $619,000 prize pool! And if you’re hungry for an early taste of Apex action, you can catch the Europe Regional at 9:45 AM PST. Find out who will rule the Arena and who will get trodden on like dirty…


  1. That 1v3 wasn't that impressive in game 1 come on now, ife literally didn't have armor on 2 people.

  2. "i'm surprise to see team contest complexity, its gotta take some big……..courage to do so" xD

  3. Anyone else flanks and kills wow smart
    Hal does it wow clutch best player no hat to hal but the community simps for him

  4. I'm gonna say shout out to gurl in significantly improving as a caster. It was real rough in the beginning.

  5. Please have raynday commentate all games instead of falloutt, listening to him talk about
    How “NA is superior to Europe” is boringgggg.

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