Apex Legends Global Series Online Tournament #3 – Europe Finals

The third Online Tournament of the Apex Legends Global Series has arrived! Watch the final 20 teams from across Europe battle it out in the Arena for a share of the US $100k prize pool ALGS Points, used for seeding and placement in upcoming Majors. Find out who has the skill, teamwork, and nerve to become the next living legend and who will get left in the lava pits. Good luck to all our competitors!

Apex Legends Global Series Overview – EA Official Site
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  1. 你们削肾嗯真会玩啊 杨富锦时间比赛。杨富锦客户端杨富锦能用的那几个英雄。杨富锦版本 杨富锦的英文。没有毛病。这个世界真的是削肾的年代啊。

  2. 杨富锦版本的职业联赛朕来了。🙉🙉🙉我已阅请去找傻逼隐形人要钱

  3. この中華系っぽい解説者、表情豊かで控えめに言って好き💗

  4. Get rid of wraith, wattson, pathfinder from game -> better game

    these three legends have abilities that only bring huge advantage and not a single risk.

    other pepegas have abilities that bring some effect with risk

    well balancing respawn.

  5. A real shame this game is dog shit on console with all the mouse and keyboard assholes fucking up any sort of ranked play.

  6. I love that u talk about America in a Europe stream.🤮🤮🤮🤮
    Verry nice from EA.
    Cant wait to see Europe baning EA!!!
    Evil companny…

  7. It is so obvious they are in the same room. The line is a split screen and they got noise cancellation.

  8. Good job hosting the tour online so that everyone can see how buggy your game is and how trash your tick rates are.

  9. I'm only watching this because there is nothing but teamplayer clowns without all of their fingers left streaming in apex legends after valorant..

  10. Add Lulu to the other chat then you have the perfect team. The other Online tournament had a more Professional set of commentators sitting there. In my opinion.

  11. Can someone please explain to me what a TP is??? I think it is a wraith portal but I'd exactly what it stands for?! Please help?!?!?!

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