Apex Legends Global Series Online Tournament #6 – Europe Finals

Tune in for the sixth Online Tournament of the Apex Legends Global Series at 5:45 PM BST! Watch the final 20 teams from across Europe battle it out in the Arena for a share of the US $100k prize pool and ALGS Points, used for seeding and placement in upcoming Majors. And if you’re hungry for more Apex action, you can catch the North America Finals June 1 at 1:45 AM BST. Find out who has the skill, teamwork, and nerve to become the next living legend and who will get left in the lava pits….


  1. Ngl that play by Hardecki in Game 3 is probably one of the most epic moment I saw in any esport tournament.

  2. Wait so if apex has cross platform now does that mean console gamers will be able to participate in the tournament

  3. ninjayla or whatever, has no fucking clue what she's talking about 😂😂😂

  4. wenn ich schon sehe …. L-STAR …. ohne Munnition …. könnte ich in die $$$$ geilen server von diesem drecksspiel kotzen !!!!

  5. Anybody here used Gamecrook, I've got a bro who used it and got like so many free gems and coins for free.

  6. please buff pathfinder please he was my mann person to use please buff pathfinder

  7. I wanna help save your time and tell you that most of the sites in the comment section are fake. Only GameCrook works for me.

  8. Why is Apex Legends supporting a radical racist group these days? You should be ashamed of yourselves!

  9. Why is the global series played on Worlds edge while the current ranked map is Kings canyon? The competetive players looking at the pros for tips and nice gameplay but its a different maps.. feels off for me.

  10. Let’s be honest, Alliance has earned my respect with Caustic. It’s nice to finally have someone shake up the meta. And the fact that they were at 2nd place in Season 4 is the proof of just how good they are.

  11. Apex legends im still a smurf and im lvl 75 and u give me like lvl 500 lvl 200 lvl 300 1000 kills are u crazy plus i ipened alot of packs and i got just three one is good but the other 2 is garbige i only like the r99 and if u see this plus my acc is FauxArtifact4 and cmon ive played like 740 matches and won 10

  12. That live chat is a fucking mess that makes me ashamed of being a part of this community

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