Apex Legends HACKER CAUGHT on LIVE stream and gets INSTANT KARMA

If ever you wanted to know how to hack on apex legends or how to cheat on this game then think twice because karma is a b*tch! Watch this clip as a hacker gets instant karma live on twitch. Live streamer nicewigg caught a cheater or a hacker on apex legends and gets the worst thing to happen to him and it is just so funny to watch this hacker. So far respawn is doing everything to remove hackers and cheater in apex legends but we could also help improve this game by reporting cheater in…


  1. Why didn’t they just take everything out of the boxes and let it disappear gotta love idiots that don’t get the mechanics of the game

  2. if he had a brain he'd empty the contents of the box on his head so it vanishes. but i guess he doesn't being that he's hacking.

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