Apex Legends Hacker Caught – spectating insane hacker in Apex Legends… (best aimbot)

So I caught the most insane Apex Legends hacker. His aimbot was so good I had to laugh cause if was too funny – one of my most funny moments in Apex Legends to date. This is the ultimate apex legends hack!!!

Join in as i spectate this insane hacker in apex legends…
This shit was so hilarious I wasn’t even mad + what can respawn do?

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  1. This one a good player, hahah man you kidding me ? That guy sucks so much, he cant even move properly, his aim is terrible, except for the aimbot he is using.
    Fucking bot man.

  2. It is becoming like season 1 and 2….too many hackers nowadays… I was pushing rank from gold to diamon a few days back… Almost every 5 game, you will find a hacker…. Respawn needs to do something

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